Rolex Watches: Behind the scenes

They say there is a watch industry and then there is Rolex. Watch enthusiasts would know why. Love for Rolex surpasses an admiration for its superior designing. The brand itself is known to communicate an absolute sense of confidence, reliability and dignity and rightly so. It is one of the

Why to send Kiss day gifts to special one

The miracle effects that a kiss brings are well recognized and widely tried that in fact brings two souls and make the relationship smooth and interesting. You present on a kiss day is actually the symbolic representation of your willingness make your relationship easier and interesting one and brings the

Thin Film Solar Panels

At the season of composing, c-Si PV solar cells are the most prevailing sort in the market by a long shot, possessing more than 80% of the market. However, this position is probably going to change soon with the advances being made with thin film solar cells, which frame the

How to find Cheap Fashion Jewelry that Looks Expensive

When it comes to style, you can use cheap fashion jewelry to create hundreds of different looks. There are many designs for you to choose from; rings, chokers, hair clips, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, bangles and earrings. You can mix and match to suit whatever mood the diva in you cares

Becoming a Fashion Stylist – Degrees, Electives And Skills

For those who have never fancied a 9-5 desk job and have instead preferred to work on something more creative, there are several options to choose from. There is a fashion stylist for one. This job role has an artistic bend and hence, is one that's unlikely to become monotonous.

Shop Drawings For every Industry

In the community of 3 dimensional modelling, are Shop Drawings still used? Absolutely! There isn't any a different way to effectively transfer information on the design/detail end for the shop floor. Some Fabrication Shops are using a lot more 'robotic' capabilities, but they are few and far between. There are

The Shopping mall Stands Tall Even in today’s Economy

Since the economic crash, hundreds of retail businesses have had to shutter their doors. While the economy is finally starting to get back on track it is not recovering as fast as most would hope. One area that is actually making a bit of a comeback faster than the average

The Boom in Plus-Size Clothing

Generally, the global population is getting larger year on year, and we are not talking about the proliferation of people, but of their waistlines. Indeed, in the uk, approximately 1 in 3 people will be overweight by 2012, and the World Watch Institute found, that in the year 2000, 1

Girls Clothing: Different Styles For Different Ages

Girls clothes are the easiest to shop for. With the variety of styles and patterns available, it should not be a problem choosing one that fits you. Designs change with time and so have girls clothes evolved from primitive designs to the latest fashion today. Girls have always been very

How do Fashion Bloggers Know what To Write about?

Most fashion bloggers are really passionate about this industry, but also about writing. Like any other blogger, the one that covers issues about fashion has a je ne sais quoi about words and playing with words. A fashion blogger is nevertheless a true artist, with highly developed artistic sense, who