Five Smart Tips to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is one of the many inventions that have converted the most tedious task of cleaning and tidying the room into an easier one. It cleans the room without causing any hassle in a more efficient manner. It facilitates better and fast cleaning in addition to easy usability.

One of the most widely sold products when it comes to maintenance of homes is vacuum cleaner. Due to the several benefits that it provides, it has become one of the popular products that must be a part of every household. Whether you buy a vacuum cleaner online or elsewhere, all of them need maintenance so that they have a longer lifespan.

Here are 5 smart tips that will help you maintain your vacuum cleaner.

  1. Clean the Dust Container- The dust container in the vacuum cleaner is where all the dust and dirt gets collected. You must make sure that this dust container is emptied and cleaned from time to time so that the vacuum cleaner can suck up and store more dust. If the dust container remains full, then the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will start decreasing and the surfaces will not get cleaned properly.
  2. Clean the Filters- The filters of the vacuum cleaners must be opened and cleaned at least once in a month. You should remove the attachments first and then take out the filter and clean it. Usually, there are three filters in the latest vacuum cleaners. The first is the air filter, which can be cleaned by shaking it. The second is the HEPA filter, which must be thoroughly washed with water and dried and then put back in the vacuum cleaner. The third is the foam filter, which is supposed to be washed and dried just like the HEPA filter.
  3. Use Frequently- It is a common misconception that if you do not use the appliance often, then it will have a larger lifespan. In case of appliances, this myth causes more harm than good to the appliance. The vacuum cleaner must be frequently used so that the filters remain functional and do not get worn out or jammed in any way. Another important thing is that whenever you store the vacuum cleaner make sure the power is turned off so that the filters do not work and power is conserved.
  4. Avoid Wet Surfaces- It’s okay to use wet vacuum cleaners that are specially designed to clean wet surfaces. But, don’t use a dry vacuum cleaner on a wet surface. Though you may find it to work fine, it is not recommended. If you use the vacuum cleaner on wet surfaces for a long duration of time, then there are chances that you could get an electric shock or the filters inside get damaged because of moisture. It is also suggested not to operate a vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
  5. Remove Debris from Brush Roll- Due to prolonged usage, things like floss or hair get stuck around the roll and prevent it from cleaning the surface properly. So, it is a good practice to clean your vacuum cleaner roll before you begin cleaning the house.

Vacuum cleaners usually come with a manual that have all the guidelines mentioned. So, if you want to ensure long lifespan for your vacuum cleaner, you must maintain it properly.

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